Institutional Insurance Claims

Institutional Insurance Claims

We are able to provide loss documentation, local markets expertise, and total cost analysis. Our team will be an “all-inclusive” loss recovery solution.

In addition to our services, other services can be provided to our institutional clients if needed:

  • Institutional Specific Reporting
  • Progression Reporting
  • Loss Recovery Strategy Analysis
  • Initial site inspection within two hours of loss notification
  • Mitigation Management

Our highly trained, licensed public adjusters will guide you through the process of preparing and filing an insurance claim in a professional manner. Similar to hiring an attorney if you needed to go to court, or hire a certified public accountant to file your tax return, you should only file an insurance claim with your own professional insurance and construction expert – a 5th Element Adjusting.

Let our Public Adjusters get you the maximum return on your insurance claim! See how we can help.

To start a new claim, call +1 (404) 323 1869 today for a free inspection and policy examination from our Public Adjusters.

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